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DIY Acrylic Trophies on the Glowforge

  The advantage of having a few high-tech tools at your disposal is you will be much less reliant on outside services when you need something custom made! DIY trophies for an upcoming competition? No problem! Our district does a battle of the books tournament, and the librarian who is facilitating this year asked me if I’d be willing to make the awards for the winners. In the past we have done engraved medals from a local trophy shop, which are nice, but then what do students really do with them after they pose for a photo wearing them? I showed her a design that I had done a few years ago for the winners of my school-level battles, and she loved it. So I redesigned it a bit to use our district logo. The strange shape isn’t just a design choice…it’s to maximize the number of trophies I can fit onto a sheet of acrylic! The part with the lettering is made out of a fluorescent blue acrylic. I used 3/16″ thick so it would have a bit of heft to it. The bases are a dark charcoal grey transpa

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