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As a maker myself, I think encouraging students to become creators, not just consumers, is critical. In my school library, students have access to a variety of materials and tools to help them pursue their own educational interests.

I get so many requests for help and advice from librarians and fellow makers that I decided to make a learning hub on the web for those who are striving to make their libraries, makerspaces, and even home shops a center of innovation and community.

This is my seventeenth year as a librarian, even though this was never my intended career path. (Pay attention to those career aptitude tests, kids…mine told me to be a teacher and a librarian and I laughed at it. And now I’m both!) Since I worked at a university for a decade before becoming a librarian, I’ve worked at all four educational levels now. I started as an elementary librarian at a K-8 charter school, became a junior high librarian for eight years, and am now in my seventh year at the high school I helped open. I guess this website counts for my fifth level…helping adult learners!

So whether it’s starting from scratch opening a brand new school or trying to rejuvenate a library that’s been around for decades, I’ve been there! This will be a space to share all of my best tips and tricks for maximizing your budget, creatively tackling problems, creating an atmosphere of making and support, and making your space the heart of your school or home.

Several years ago, I opened the new library at Skyridge High School. Follow @SkyridgeLibrary on X or @SkyridgeLibrary on Instagram you'd like to see a library (and makerspace!) built from the ground up! Making is central to the mission of my new library, so don't be surprised when you see that the majority of our decor is being upcycled or created in my home shop!

I have created Pinterest boards with some of the supplies and tools that I have purchased for my library makerspace. Click on my name below to be taken to a list of all of my boards--I have one set up for each making category I built my space around. Follow me (username heathertprice) if you'd like to see what new things I discover!

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