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Personalizable Engraved Script Bookmarks with Elegant Editable Text (Set of 5)

I am thrilled to be a designer for the Glowforge catalog, and am working on all sorts of library and reader themed goodies! My first two designs are bookmarks that are easy to edit and customize...perfect for your book club, classroom, or a one-of-a-kind memento for someone special!

Personalizable Cutwork Name Bookmarks with Editable Text (Set of 5)

I am also an affiliate for Glowforge; if you are interesting in purchasing a machine I am happy to answer any questions you may have! (And the link above will give you a discount! And full disclosure, it also gives me shop credit to buy more materials, so I can keep generating amazing designs to help other makers!)

My home laser is one I purchased through the initial crowdfunding campaign when Glowforge first launched, and I was so happy with it I also purchased one for my library maker space. I can give you all sorts of guidance on how their machines function whether you are looking to create things to sell at markets, or encouraging the next generation of makers through a library maker space.

Watch this space for a link to my web store, specializing in custom creations for libraries and classrooms. From library signage to that perfect gift for your favorite teacher, you'll find it here!

When I'm not building stuff in my shop, I'm most likely sewing. My mother once teased me that I became a librarian so I would have an excuse to wear my costume collection all of the time. If it gets kids to visit the library--it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make! These were a few cosplays I put together for Hunger Games week in my library...I'm especially proud of my mockingjay pin outfit! 😀

I am in the process of rebuilding my online costume portfolio. In the meantime, you can visit my old blog at Dintarmawen Design for a trip down memory lane!

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