More overheard conversations, and my sister's corporate training pays off

To continue the last post's theme, here's my favorite overhead conversation from the library this week.

A class is looking up song lyrics for a presentation they'll be making, and passing them off with their teacher. They've been warned that they can't choose anything with foul language. As is expected, a bunch of kids test where the line is by checking on certain songs. One kid points out the word he's worried about, then adds, "I mean, because it's not the kind you use in a garden, you know."

Ah, teenagers. Gotta love them.

In writing news, I have found something that works better than dark chocolate for writing motivation. My sister works for a corporate training company, and last night she decided to apply her mad skills to my lack of writing progress. This is the contract she made me sign last night, although I have serious doubts about the legal impact of a document written on a refrigerator white board.

Our dry erase markers have seen better days, but this evil document says that I owe her dinner at La Caille and a cruise in June if my query isn't mailed by Friday. And if that weren't enough, she also posted a little go-fight-win to me on Facebook, so well-wishes have been pouring in from tons of people that I will now have to answer to the next time I see them. Craftiness that borderlines on blackmail, I say.

Ah, sisters. Gotta love them.

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