Summer. . .vacation?

"It must be so nice to be on vacation all summer."

People seem to forget that teachers aren't paid over the summer. I once overhead a charter school board member talking about the ingratitude of teachers who want to take time off during the school year. I believe her exact words were, "We give them the entire summer off--what more do they want?" (Note to administrators--please don't discuss a faculty member's request to take a vacation while holding the meeting in the library of said faculty member. It's very difficult not to giggle out loud while ducking behind your computer monitor and pretending to be cataloging books instead of eavesdropping.)

My summer vacation? So far it has involved Europe, a fantastic children's literature symposium, selling and buying a house, refurnishing my library, and reading piles of books. Oh yes, and writing and querying a bit on the side.

Yes, it is nice to be on vacation!

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