Nookcolor, FTW!

I've sat on the fence for quite awhile on the whole e-reader thing. Although I love the convenience, I hate the idea of being locked into a format. And no device so far has had an interface or the capabilities that really tempted me to take the plunge.

I bought a Kindle for my school library last year, and loved some things about it. It's a fantastic tool for a librarian--being able to read first chapters for free, and use it for booktalks, has been great. But the organization is truly awful--when you get more than a few dozen things on it, finding things becomes cumbersome at best, and frustrating at worst.

Today I got my Nookcolor, and I'm officially off the fence.

The screen is beautiful. I was concerned about how a non-e-ink screen would look, but honestly I feel like it's closer to the "feel" of reading a book than my Kindle was. And I love turning pages without feeling like I'm clicking a deafening button each time! Since I also regularly read when I should be sleeping, the lit screen is actually a big bonus for me--no more stumbling to turn off the lamp when I'm finally getting drowsy.

The shelf feature is wonderful--you can make custom "shelves," and then choose which books you want to organize there. It makes finding things quick and easy. I can't wait for the app store to get going--I think this going to be the ultimate device for those of us who primarily want an e-reader, but also would like a little extra.

Downloading things via Adobe Digital Editions from Netgalley and my local library is slick. My only disappointment so far has been that those items don't show up on my home screen, or with my purchased books--they are under "my files" instead until you add them to a shelf. But this is a small annoyance.

And the fact that I can load up all of my Firefly episodes on it? Epic.

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