The Agony and Ecstasy of the Day the Books Are Due

Today is the day librarians love--and dread.

There's something exciting about seeing the drop box full of books. It's like welcoming old friends home, and saying hello to new strangers you've really wanted to make the acquaintance of. (I do my "hot list" reading during the summer when I don't feel guilty for keeping the books away from the kids.) I had to resist the urge to just start filling up book bags right then to take straight to my house for the summer.

And the shelves! Fresh after inventory, in neat little rows, all accounted for. My slightly OCD soul sighs happily at the sight.

But amid the order there is a feeling of sadness and selfishness. I feel like I'm abandoning my kids. I'm cutting off their supply of something they love. Daily checkout lines and lunchtime playtime must be give way to fine reports and end-of-year administrative tasks. Oh, the puppy dog eyes, the pleading rationalizations that I endured today!

"One more day, Miss Price? PLEASE?!?"

I hate wondering if my little readers will be looked after. Will they find magical books over the summer without me? Will their public librarians be as excited as I am when they come in, giddy to talk about what they just read? Will some of them move on to other hobbies, forgetting the fascination they used to have with books?

There's just one thing to do. I'm going to revisit our year and fill you in on all of the wild and wacky things we've done. I've been so busy having fun doing the best job in the world that I haven't taken the time to write about doing the best job in the world!

What to start with...Hunger Games week? May the Fourth Be With You? Stay tuned for pics of the costumes and the craziness that I call my library.

P.S. I must confess, I did fall for one sad story today. One of my best customers had detention after school--how could I take away the Becca Fitzpatrick she'd been waiting for all week and only got just yesterday? I'm not totally heartless, after all!

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